Yin Yang, Ying Yang
Yin Yang, Ying Yang
Ying Yang Tiddly Aye Poh.


Yin Yang

yin and yang

Yin and Yang

Stuff and us
We’re multi-coloured
We’re multi-dimensional
We’re full of unfulfilled potential
And we all need stuff to understand
Yin Yang, Ying Yang
I wanna hold your hand

The Spook Who Sat By The Door                                                                       

Spot the The Spook Who Sat by the Door


Spot Logos galore

A hole in a bathroom floor

Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 4 used to be available to watch on You-Tube, with a click of the mouse.  No more.

dots, spots, cuts, spills,
horns, portals and orifices

There Should Be Spots?

The spot
The dot
The what-not

We’re drawn to whatever we’ve not got

The scab
The blister
The bruise

‘Don’t touch it’
‘Don’t pick it’
The News

Bumlebees, turning the wheel
The wounds we are waiting to heal

A lightening change of mood, a lift
The end of the tunnel
The perfect gift
Timely, unexpected,

A rest, a stop

A spacious spot

A dot in Space

What we’ve got


The lot




This website is dedicated to a song,
12 verses in length in 2012,
+ “the CODA/13th VERSE” in 2013.
The song was conceived with this website in mind.
The song was conceived with a broadcast in mind.

“The Afrofluent Peace-Lovers Olympic Procession”
AKA ‘English Wives’
AKA ‘Lennon’s Companion

AKA ‘Real love-lives’

It  is a celebration of companionship and
real-life loving collaborations everywhere,

and peace-making.

So.  London’s  Olympic winning bid  (in Singapore, in 2005) relied on reflecting and celebrating the diversity of cultures in the UK

30 young aspiring athletes, aged from 12 to 18, took the place of businessmen and politicians as part of the permitted 100 strong delegation. Seb Coe, in his speech, said: “Each of them comes from east London, from the communities who will be touched most directly by our Games.  And thanks to London’s multi-cultural mix of 200 nations, they also represent the youth of the world.  Their families have come from every continent. They practice every religion and every faith.”  Culturally diverse London is ever-ready to welcome – and “inspire” – the world, he said.


I wondered whether that diversity would be reflected by the content of the Olympic opening ceremony

During the holiday period of Christmas 2010 I set about thinking what I would like to see in an Olympic opening ceremony

At the time there was a series of inspiring radio and TV programmes, made by the BBC to mark the 70th and 30th anniversaries of John Lennon’s birth and death.
That got me wishing for an overdue UK celebration of the feminist parenting, internet-embracing, connecting, vibrant, continuing life
and work of
Octogenerian Yoko Ono

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white screen

in December 2010, London’s National Theatre staged Bill T Jones Broadway phenomenum ‘Fela!’ 
(a production that went touring America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa).

Fela’s music is used to tell his story, also the story of the invention of Afrobeat.
Fela, like Lennon, on a whole other continent, made an impact with how he lived his life, with musical innovation and with political activism, an impact that reverberates through new generations around the globe.

Sahr Ngaujah as Fela and Paulette Ivory as Sandra Izsadore
Sahr Ngaujah as Fela and Paulette Ivory as Sandra Izsadore

Sandra Izsadore on FELA! 2009

Sandra Izsadore and Fela
and Sandra Izsadore interviewed in 2012 – ‘knowledge is free and we should share it’


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Making a celebration of companionship,
real-life loving collaborations everywhere,

and peace-making.

Julian and Sean Lennon, Cannes 2009Julian and Sean Lennon, Cannes 2009

FOR 2012 (and beyond)

Yoko Ono encouraged John Lennon
to use the opportunity of the world’s spotlight
to propagate the idea of world peace.

This song was visualised as part of an alternative Olympic opening ceremony
Open to additions, substitutions, interruptions by all kinds of collaborators, with help from the internet
This ‘alternative anthem’ is one clumsy attempt

(no-one’s gonna show the world alone)
to reflect and celebrate the true diversity of cultures in the UK
(cos that’s what won us the bid, right)
the riches we enjoy when we live somewhere where cultures mix
For example, when ‘Fela!’ came to town,
promotional video clip 
(He came in person, in 1958, to Trinity music college)
(He came in person, in 1984, to Glastonbury)
(He came in spirit in 2010, with the help of Bill T Jones
and some very wonderful musicians from all around the world)
(and his legacy lingers)

Aside from our magnificent athletes and ground-breaking music scene,
(for example, the unique, fabulous, indomitable UK jazz dance scenewhat,
politically, economically, ethically, spiritually, scientifically
does the UK have to show the world?
A free press (up to a point)
Free education for all (up to a point)
Free health care for all (so far – up to a point)
Women in positions of power and influence (up to a point)
People of different races in positions of power and influence
(up to a point)
Gay people in positions of power and influence (up to a point)
No guns and no death penalty (up to a point)
A curiosity about the world outside its island nation

So what does it have to learn?   (There is no Babel Fish,
that’s the way God planned it)

Empathy comes naturally for some,
helped, for those so moved, by music.
But empathy also requires an effort of intellect and imagination.

I pray for my companions,
I pray for your companions,
I pray for old companions
I pray for new companions.

So what is it that I’m trying to say?  (I’m in the spotlight here..)
What is it that’s worth saying?

LOVE  (over and over)

lennon aye aye 7

WAR IS OVER! – imagine that

Brothers love your brothers love your brothers love your brothers more
Brothers love your ladies and your bodies and your babies more

And when the Games come to London may they Grace us all with
Afro-fluencetrees and flowers

Pass it on