For 2012 and beyond…     2020…

How often do millions of people from around the globe focus together on one event?

And when they do, who gets to do the singing and the talking?

Imagine being given that opportunity.  What messages would we citizens want to convey?


Following on from  a series of performances of
“The Afrofluent Peace-Lovers Olympic Procession”, 
in its entirity,
in edited versions,
performed with additions, substitutions, interruptions
customised to occasion and location,
provided by all kinds of people in all kinds of places, with help from the internet

perhaps there might be


5 hours in length, (in 2008 that’s how long the Chinese made it)

in one or more locations,

The 2010 Flyover Show (Soweto Kinch)

Serpentine Gallery Summer Pavillion 2012

to co-incide with the 27th July BBC broadcast
of the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony,

with performances of 
 music, dancing, and all kinds of other stuff too
(this epic 12 verse anthem ???)

and  – let’s think big –  broadcast
maybe – imagine this – WORLD-WIDE

Marshall Mc Luhan Canadian TV Archive Our World 1967

Canadian TV Archive Our World 1967 Marshall McLuhan Interview

Once, in 1967 – I’m old enough to remember – there was a World-wide broadcast of the Beatles performing

Fast forward to 2mins20seconds

All You Need is Love,  the BBC’s contribution
to the first ever live global satellite television link-up
watched by 400 million people in 26 countries.

And once upon a time there was a play-write and broadcaster called
Dennis Potter Dennis Potter

and in 1996, imagine, Channel 4 collaborated together with the BBC to realise Potter’s vision of a series of connected drama broadcasts, Karaoke and Cold Lazarus.

In both 2006 and June 2010, theVortex Had a World Cup Ball

An Alternative World Cup Celebration with the aid of Hackney Council,
to stage a series of events with musicians improvising along to live football games, the final on the big screen in Gillett Square

The Vortex at night

So, this broadcast….
as for the Gillet Sq World Cup Final production
the backdrop would be a large screen with the (live) transmission of the opening ceremony

the broadcast might be live, in collaboration with the BBC (and other national television stations)

on a BBC channel

or it might be live on Channel 4

(and/or other commercial television stations in other parts of the world)

it might be a broadcast live on the internet

or, if not broadcast live on the day, it could be filmed

 for a subsequent TV transmission

or a You-Tube upload or something   …   

  like a DVD (translated into 20 different languages)…

or something   …  …  .. ..   ..   ..   ..                               .        .


 project might’ve culminated in a marathon 5 hour event
for an ‘alternative’ Olympic opening ceremony
on July 27th.

This is something I imagined.

It didn’t.  BUT

It propelled the adminsitrator of Fudge Comp to organise

one event 

So  – what next – beyond  a 2012 Olympic nostalgia-fest?
Is there mileage here for 2016 when Brazil, another multi-coloured skilled creative nation hosts the Olympics?
or 2020 when it’s  Japan’s turn (Yoko’s homeland)?

(a concert? a festival? a film? a broadcast?……………..)


imagine that